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   The T.S.P Manadali Registered in
1944 is every different from what it
was years ago. it is secular and
democratic in its principles, it has
come a long way from its traditional
method of governance.
     Our organization has grown both substantially and Geographically. We have today 8 Institutions. These institutions are both Professional and Professional and general in all spheres of human knowledge college etc. A part from these, there are boys & Girls Highschool & Primary Schools.
With 10 Crores in assets, we have become leaders in setting new trends and standards in Professional Education and as a result this one students are found in important positions. This also makes us concentrate on trasntional  prespectives of human needs and conditions.
Today the T.S.P Mandali is visualizes important area to improve standards in Teacher  Education and Elementory School Education to affer quality Educations in medical Science and Provide Modern Systems of health care in the field of State. To Concentrate on the advancement in the field of Education and for the uplift of the 
Rural Poor. To promote advanced Education to improve living standards of common man and to emphasize the over all development of the students.

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