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Information Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology(ICT) has impacted on every sphere of library activity especially in the

form of the library collection development strategies, library infrastructure and consortia. 

ICT presents an opportunity to provide value added information services and access to a wide veriety of digital based information resources to their clients.

  The Jnyana Soudha Library established E-Library with the following ICT facities.

  1.       20 work station.

  2.       10 MBPS lease line internet connection

  3.       Campus wi-fi

  4.       Automated check in and check out.

  5.       E-learning management on model server.

  6.       Network printing and Scanning.

  7.       E-Lib Library management software.

  8.       7.5 K.V, UPS back UP.

Faculty and Students are allowed to use the digital Library free of cost, can get unlimited academic information

downloads. Printer and Scanner are  installed in the Jnyana Soudha Library.

                 The Jnyana Soudha Library using E-Library management software for library housekeeping operations with the modules, acquisition, catologue, circulation, automated check in and check out serial control and web OPAC.

          User can access library's online public Access catalogue(OPAC) through internet to check the Jnyana Soudha

Library information resources.

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